Todos Los Tacos: Taco Madness in Los Angeles

How seriously do the taqueros of Los Angeles take their craft? Enough to engage in an annual competition called Taco Madness to determine the true mero mero of the L.A. taco scene.

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On this episode of Todos Los Tacos, Paco and Co. head to the City of Angels to discover firsthand what separates an award-winning taco from the rest of the pack. (It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.)

Along the way, we’ll meet Victor Villa of Villas Tacos, a two-time, Taco-Madness-winning restaurant known for its signature taco. Here’s a teaser: it involves a blue-corn tortilla, a delicious combination of meat and salsa, and a deluge of rich ingredients you have to see for yourself.

Plus, we’ll get to know the reigning champions of Taco Madness 2023 –– José Morales and La Carreta. Not only are La Carreta’s tacos critically-acclaimed, but they also feature Sinaloa flavor unique to the L.A. taco scene.

Join us as we explore one of the most competitive taco scenes in the USA on the third episode of this season of VICE and MUNCHIES’ hit series, Todos Los Tacos.

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