Todos Los Tacos: New York Taco Scene

When you think of “food from New York,” dishes like bagels and lox, pizza-by-the-slice, or even loaded deli sandwiches may spring to mind.

However, if you’re sleeping on tacos in the Big Apple, you’re missing out on a world of flavor. While there may not be a definitive “New York-style taco,” the many taquerías of NYC contribute to an incredible taco scene. Nearly 25% of the roughly 8.5 million people who call New York home are Hispanic or Latino, and each neighborhood and institution has something special to add to the community.

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On the premiere of the new season of Todos Los Tacos, we’ll go on a taco tour of New York as we explore three remarkable establishments.

  • First up, La Morada –– a traditional Oaxacan restaurant in the Bronx that serves tacos from a constantly-changing menu based on what ingredients are fresh and in-season.
  • Next, The Birria-Landia Taco Truck –– run by career chef, José Moreno, who brought the distinctive Birria taco dish to the streets of New York. (And earned a profile by The New York Times in the process.)
  • Finally, Taquería Ramirez –– the passion project of husband and wife Gio and Tania that features a small menu, but big flavors, and a renowned special: the Tripe Taco.

Join us as we explore their stories and the many influences that make New York a must-visit taco destination as we kick off our new season of the VICE and MUNCHIES’ hit series, Todos Los Tacos.

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