Reyna & Maritza Vazquez: The Taco Queens

With five unique locations and an incredibly loyal fanbase, it’s hard to believe Reyna and Maritza Vazquez’s taco empire–Veracruz All Natural–started out with just a single tiny trailer and a dream a mere 14 years ago.

When the sisters moved from Veracruz, Mexico, to the U.S. after graduating high school, they found jobs as waitresses to help support their families. But Reyna always knew she wanted something more. A chance for more variety and creativity. A chance to get back in the kitchen she fell in love with cooking with her mom growing up. A chance to be her own boss. 

After almost eight years of working and saving, Reyna bought her first trailer. She started out selling smoothies and snow cones with her now-famous migas breakfast tacos still a distant dream. It was a tough market to break into, and she had to close down after a few months. But with a taste of owning her own business, she craved reopening again someday. 

Two years later, she asked Maritza to be her business partner and help her reopen. Believing in her sister’s dream, Maritza took the risk and said yes. With an eye for numbers and passion for logistics, her business skills complemented Reyna’s cooking talents. The two became an instant power duo and started working to build Veracruz All Natural into what it is today.

The path to Veracruz All Natural’s success wasn’t easy, and it took a lot of dedication, sacrifice and teamwork from both Reyna and Maritza. But the two were always confident they’d succeed.

To learn more about their relationship, story and iconic tacos and drinks, check out the second episode of VICE and MUNCHIES’ new show, Off the Truck.

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