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Munchies and Camarena

The Most Awarded Tequila* is celebrating the Most Amazing Taqueros

We’ve teamed up with VICE and MUNCHIES to tell the stories of taqueros who are owning the food truck scene. Check out Off the Truck, and grab cooking and cocktail pro tips.


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Chris Rios

Chris Rios Photo

A Tex-Mex pioneer redefining the cuisine with his vegan taco truck, The Vegan Nom.

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Reyna & Maritza Vazquez

Reyna & Maritza Vazquez Photo

Founders of the Veracruz All Natural taco empire, famous for their migas breakfast taco.

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Anthony Pratto & Xose Velasco

Anthony Pratto & Xose Velasco Photo

An up-and-coming duo known for their “cowboy wok” cooking method at Discada.

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Grab some pro tips for your next taco and tequila night

Making Vegan Dishes for Non-Vegans
Making Vegan Dishes for Non-Vegans Thumbnail Image

Hear more about Chris Rios’ take on eating vegan and grab some cooking tips.

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Perfecting the Breakfast Taco
Perfecting the Breakfast Taco Thumbnail Image

See some of the tricks Reyna Vazquez used to craft one of the top five tacos in the country.

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An Intro to Discada
An Intro to Discada Thumbnail Image

Learn more about Anthony Pratto and Xose Velasco’s unique cooking style.

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Camarena Cantaritos

Join us in raising a glass to the taqueros

Our Camarena cantaritos giveaway has now ended. Thanks to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for more chances to win in the future.