Todos Los Tacos:
Only in Texas — The Puffy Taco

June 22, 2022

As with many Tex-Mex dishes, there’s still some debate around who exactly invented the puffy taco. Famous for its deep-fried, puffed up tortilla shell, the taco is similar to dishes found in the Yucatan Peninsula and Veracruz. But there’s no questioning the fact the dish has strong San Antonio roots.

In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find another place in the world where the puffy taco is as prevalent as in the Alamo City. What began as a novelty menu item in the 1900s has now become a local staple and source of pride for many local restaurants and chefs.

Like sister duo Rochelle and Rose of Taco House, who’ve become local legends for cooking up extra large puffy tacos, stuffed to the brim.

Or Diana Barrios Treviño of Los Barrios, a puffy taco icon carrying on the legacy of her mother, Viola Barrios.

And Steve Pizzini of Lala’s Gorditas, whose family lore ties back to the origins of the puffy taco.

Join us as we dig into their stories and explore the history of San Antonio’s famous puffy taco scene. To hear their stories and explore the history of San Antonio’s famous puffy taco scene, check out the second episode of this season of Todos Los Tacos.

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