Todos Los Tacos:
Eating All the Florida-Style Tacos

June 22, 2022

While tacos were invented in Mexico, they’ve been re-imagined over and over again by people of all different cultures. And there’s no better place to get a taste of this fusion than in Miami.

Miami has been growing rapidly since the mid-1900s, with much of its growth contributed to immigrants and their descendants from Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Central and South America.

And as Miami’s population has grown and evolved, so has its food scene—including its tacos.

From authentic, traditional cuisine from various Latin American countries to dishes that break the rules and blur the lines between cultures, Miami’s food scene is defined by its diversity.

A cultural melting pot, this convergence of cultures has created a city—and a taco scene—that couldn’t exist anywhere else.

Join us as we get a taste of Miami’s eclectic mix of tacos and taqueria owners.

Like Jorge of El Bori, who serves up Puerto Rican-style tacos with his wife and brother out of their iconic pink truck.

Or food vloggers Frankie and SoFla, who opened a food truck inspired by their local YouTube channel, La Jama TV.

And Hector Valles of Tacos Sonora 305, who moved to Miami after deciding it was the perfect place to open up a food truck serving traditional Sonoran Mexican tacos.

To get the full scoop, check back for the season finale of our Todos Los Tacos reboot.

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