Anthony Pratto & Xose Velasco: The Modern-Day Vaqueros

July 27, 2020

After a month of deliberation and taste testing, best friends Anthony Pratto and Xose Velasco finally nailed down the menu for their new taco truck, Discada: just one single taquito.

Velasco grew up helping his father prep and cook these taquitos in the backyard for every special occasion. They used a special cooking method called discada, which uses disks with axles to cook a mixture of various cuts of meat and vegetables over the campfire.

This cooking method is unique to Northern Mexico, where Velasco’s father was born. It originated with Mexican vaqueros, who cooked with the one thing they had lying around–tractor plows. Velasco’s father made it his mission to help keep this tradition alive, passing it down to his family even after moving to Mexico City and ultimately the U.S.

From the first time Pratto tried discada at one of Velasco’s family cookouts as a kid, he was hooked. Pratto always joked with Velasco about one day opening up their own business to sell discada, but Velasco never thought he was serious. At least not until 2018, when Pratto approached Velasco with a serious proposition and an investor ready to go.

As some of the first do discada commercially, Pratto and Velasco took a lot of risks. But with a knack for creative problem solving and a passion for authenticity, the two are quickly making a name for themselves in the food scene. To learn more about their story, challenges and unique cooking method, check out the third episode of VICE and MUNCHIES’ new show, Off the Truck.

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